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The production of a prepared block of doner meat ready to cook on a revolving spit takes place in five stages:
  1. Supply of the raw material (meat and ingredients)
  2. Storage of the raw material
  3. Processing of the raw material into the finished doner product
  4. Shock-freezing and interim storage
  5. Delivery of the prepared doner products to customers

To guarantee the excellent quality of our doner products, we source our meat only from well-known European companies, mainly from Germany and the Netherlands.

'ATIK Döner' is synonymous with doner production that can incorporate your own recipe.
We vary our basic product range to suit our customers' tastes, which differ greatly from region to region and from country to country, thus offering an excellent price-quality ratio.

Halal: our suppliers adhere to the highest principles of halal slaughter in accordance with European directives.

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