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Hygiene and quality, which always go hand in hand, are further fundamental requirements of our top-quality products and represent the basis of our philosophy.

Atik doner products stand for production processes that meet hygiene and quality standards and a distribution process with no interruption in the refrigeration chain.
Knowledge of statutory regulations is equally important in food hygiene.
ATIK production of doner & meat wholesale GmbH works in strict compliance with the internationally recognised HACCP hygiene concept and has received EU approval for doner production (DE-NW 82002 EG).

Our production process is subject to constant inspection by the government veterinary office and an independent institution (Dr. Berns Laboratorium).
Every production batch is microbiologically tested and subjected to constant quality control with full traceability, from the receipt of the goods through different production stages to the final quality check of the doner products ready for dispatch. Every product that leaves our premises is a quality product, delivered shock-frozen.

When joining ATIK production of doner & meat wholesale GmbH, every employee receives extensive instruction in food hygiene regulations and is constantly provided with in-house and external training to put this concept into practice.
To maintain the high standards of hygiene and monitoring, specially trained hygiene representatives are employed.

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