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Atik — Production of doner & meat wholesale

The doner kebab has enjoyed popularity in Germany for more than 30 years, a trend that has been observed in recent years throughout the EU.
A great advantage of this product is its popularity with all ages and consumer groups.
The Atik doner is made from specially selected types of meat and spice mixtures.

The only way to ensure consistent quality is by independent checks on a daily basis

'Atik Döner' is synonymous with doner production that can incorporate your own recipe.
We vary our basic product range to suit our customers' tastes, which differ greatly from region to region and from country to country, thus offering an excellent price-quality ratio.

ATIK production of doner & meat wholesale GmbH is one of the leading doner manufacturers in Germany and has been established in the European market as an EC-certified company for many years.
Top-quality doner products are guaranteed through state-of-the-art technology, well-trained staff and our quality control process.

Quality is when the customer comes back – and not the products

We would like to thank our customers for their cooperation and loyalty over many years.

Many thanks, your
ATIK production of doner & meat wholesale GmbH - team