Atik a traditional family business from the Ruhr area

Start 1992 in Bochum

The brothers Atik originally started their successful family business in 1992 in the catering industry in Bochum.

From the beginning, they placed great emphasis on quality products and offered the best service to the customers. With the experience gained and the relevant know-how acquired over the years, the brothers finally founded their own company in 2002 in Bochum. They now wanted to go into the production of ready-to-shoot skewers themselves. In October 2006, they finally opened their new operation in Gelsenkirchen.

In October 2006, the company put the new location in Gelsenkirchen into operation. 

On a production area of ​​3,000 square meters, Atik manufactures a wide variety of rotary skewers and markets them throughout Germany and throughout Europe. The initially small team has grown to around 70 employees.

They work with great pleasure and passion in the production of our popular skewers. And they respond to the increasing demand for our products with speed and professionalism.

Atik has made a name for itself with high quality products and perfect service. We offer our kebab products at a fair price-performance ratio - whether for wholesalers or retailers. In doing so, we follow the individual wishes of our customers in terms of the perfect recipe for the spice mixture. Our motivated team is constantly trained to meet all legal requirements.

Consistent quality

State-of-the-art technology, well-trained employees and our quality assurance concept guarantee faultless kebab products.

Authentic Tradition

Our Value Proposition

Quality means that the customer and not the goods come back.

Hermann Tietz

Strict hygiene regulations guarantee highest cleanliness

We carefully select our meats and control them throughout the production. In order to ensure high food safety and quality, we pay attention to utmost hygiene in our premises and in all materials used. Our employees are well trained in terms of hygienic work.

Atik - where the highest quality is a matter of honor

Consumers today want to know more than ever what exactly they eat and where the product comes from. You want to be sure that a kebab, in which they bite delightfully, has the right quality. With our high-quality kebab products we live up to this claim. Our well thought-out quality assurance system complies with the relevant international standards for food and services.

We only use the best doner kebab products and sophisticated spice blends. So we can guarantee quality products with perfectly matched taste.


Our quality promise

Strict regulations for the disinfection of work equipment and the wearing of appropriate work clothes ensure the best possible hygiene in the production of our kebab. From regular temperature control to microbiological checks of doner kebab products to monitoring personal hygiene, this ensures that only quality products leave our home on the way to the customer.

Idris Atik, Managing Director 

Contact inquiry

Feel free to contact us. We advise you extensively and professionally. Trust Atik Dönerproduktion & Fleischgroßhandel - your reliable partner!

Telephone contact +49 (0) 209-408 495 1

We are your reliable partner, for a long-term cooperation. We would like to thank our customers for the good cooperation and that they have kept us loyal for many years.

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